History of the Inn

The house was built in 1870 by Judge James P. Woods, and occupied by the Woods’ family for 60+ years. When we took possession of the property in November of 2004 we became the 5th owners of this remarkable estate throughout the course of its +130 year history, and while some things have changed, the care and devotion to the heritage of this beautiful home remains very much in evidence.

Originally heated by coal, each room had its own fireplace, an aesthetic feature that remains to this day. In the 1940s the heating system was converted to central forced air. Today, we enjoy a comfortable year round climate-controlled environment with central heating and air conditioning, complemented by the graceful charm of true working fireplaces.

Structurally there has been only one significant addition to the home. In 1904, Judge Woods added a large Dining Room to one side of the rear of the house, and in turn incorporated the original Music and Dining Rooms into the much larger space we see today in the Ballroom. Other improvements have been made over the years, and today the home offers the best of modern convenience while remaining true to its heritage.

The Swimming Pool was added in the early 1960s, and is still today one of the area’s largest private pools. In the summer of 2005 the heated pool was converted to salt water, much to the delight and enjoyment of our guests, and is operated on an extended seasonal basis.

With the past fused comfortably to the present, the legacy of this home is something we take great pride in, and we invite you to share in a rare glimpse of over 130 years of history.

Why Stewart House Inn?

A private family residence until the mid 1980s, the home was then opened to the public as a Bed and Breakfast operating under the name Woods Villa. Later research also revealed that Judge Woods originally referred to the estate as ‘Lyndhurst’.

When we acquired the home, Lynn and I were at first not familiar with all the past history of names, yet we wanted something that would speak to the importance of family and continuity. Sensitive to the very unique concept behind Woods Villa, we sought an alternate name that would signify a change yet complement the unique history of the home.

Stewart is a name common to both of our families. Lynn’s maternal Grandmother was a Stewart, as was my Great Great Great Grandmother on my mother’s side and who was the first in the family’s North American lineage. Both the Logie and Armstrong names are of Scottish origin, and the Stewart name captured the essence of continuity over the passage of time.

Tradition had its way, and Stewart House Inn came into being.